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Midline Angus Association

"The Native Origin Angus are on the critically endangered list"

Quote from the rare Breeds Survival Trust Watch list, Spring 2009




“The Midline Association extends a special gratitude to the producers of the original Aberdeen Angus depicted on this site”.

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The Midline Angus Association was formed to protect, restore and promote the genetic advantage inherent in the original Scottish type Aberdeen Angus cattle. These select cattle are referred to as Midline Angus and Heritage Midline Angus.

We recognize the full blood Australian Lowline Angus as a primary and historic source for this restoration effort. The Australian Lowline Cattle were developed from the Angus herd which was established at the Trangie Research Centre in 1929, to provide quality breeding stock for the New South Wales cattle industry. We have also discovered what has been described as seven of the last pure cow family lines in Scotland, as well as a relic population in New Zealand. In addition the Association has recognized domestic resources from like minded cattle producers that have focused on similar conservation efforts.

Highlands of Scotland