Breed Attribute and Standards

Maternal Traits

  1. Genuine ease of calving.
  2. Good milk producers-good udders
  3. Naturally fertile and breed back quickly after calving
  4. Should wean calves at least 50% of her own body weight at 205 days

Docile Temperament

  1. Calm, good nature is important to part-time producers
  2. Easy handling save time and money
  3. Quite cattle covert feed better
  4. Quite cattle create more tender meat

Carcass Quality

  1. Beef is a fine marbling texture
  2. Repeatedly turn out Prime and Choice grade meats
  3. Well-marbled and tender beef
  4. Produce marbled beef on grass or grain


  1. Sustainable ability to finish on grass
  2. Expect more ponds of meat per acre than standard size breeds
  3. Less stress on fences and less damage to pastures

Frame Size and Appearance

  1. Well developed for age
  2. Frame Sizes 1 through 5 shall be considered ideal, with Frame Sizes outside this range considered registrable with exception as noted in the Midline Angus Vision, Note 11.
  3. Mature bull weight -1050 to 1800
  4. Mature cow weight – 850 to 1300
  5. Masculine in Male, Feminine in Female
  6. Elegant. Pleasing to the eye
  7. Balanced on all for legs, with adequate length of body and wide hindquarters

Head and Horns

  1. Masculine and strong in Male
  2. Feminine and more refined in Female
  3. Polled, complete absence of horns

Skin and Coat

  1. Loose, moderate thickness, pliable skin
  2. Hair soft and mossy, seasonally abundant


  1. Cattle shall be solid Black or Red
  2. A little white will not disqualify but is strictly limited to a small amount of white on the underline, but this must not extend beyond the navel.
  3. Birth marks are part of Angus heritage and are permissible with pigmented underlying skin.

Feet and Legs

  1. Sound , proportionate size feet
  2. Legs well apart, and reasonable length. Slightly bent forward below the hocks with wide hock
  3. Legs bones broad and clean

Back and Tail

  1. Back is straight, level, well covered with flesh
  2. Tail-head on level with back
  3. Tail a good length


  1. All pedigree must be clear of all defects and factors currently on list publish by Angus association approved for entry into herd book
  2. Midline is the pedigree of Full blood Lowline- Angus and modern registered American-Angus sources.
  3. Heritage Midline is the pedigree of Full blood Lowline- Angus and;
    1. Heritage Aberdeen-Angus from herds accepted by the Association as pure Scottish lines and/or closed herds not having any post 1968 American Angus influence as listed in the Heritage Angus Stock Resources Page of the Midline Angus Association website, or:
    2. from vintage sires born in the year 1968 or earlier or from cattle DNA verified as directly coming from vintage sires. All vintage semen and cattle attested as the progeny of vintage sires must have a DNA profile provided by UCDavis and submitted to the Association.


Should be consistent with all British breeds. Appearance should be masculine in male, feminine in female. Cattle should have pleasing characteristics, alert, vigorous and having superior width, depth, length and substance.

Highlands of Scotland